Henchman & Goon
Based in Bergen, Norway

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04.28.2015 (Steam)



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Ever wanted to be a booger with superpowers? Now is your chance! The booger ball Flem is stranded in a strange new world after the calamity of the Great Sneeze. Alone, but unafraid, our green and gooey hero sets out on a journey to find his lost people in the Land of Eternal Tissue. Flem is a 2D platformer with a speedrun focus. Run and jump through four colorful Sneezons™ while avoiding the hostile environment and discover Flem’s hidden snot powers.


When a charity game jam in late 2012 called for 8-bit Nintendo inspired games, programmer Morten Formo and designer Henrik Mowatt Haugland decided to create a simple game fueled by nostalgia and a hint of modern design sensibility. Flem became a hit at the office and we decided to make it into our first fully-fledged game, bringing on level designer Håkon Stange Bergsli and artist Yngvill Hopen to develop the game's new colorful look. The project received an investment from Norwegian investor Fuzz in the fall of 2013. Flem was released on (the now defunct) PlayStation Mobile on the fourth of Febuary, 2015, and is coming to Steam on the 28th of April.


  • Easy to learn, hard to master platforming.
  • 40 levels over four seasons to run, jump, dash and fly through.
  • Time trials, medals and leaderboards for every level.
  • Cheery 8-bit inspired soundtrack.
  • Nose-stalgia!


Flem - Gameplay Trailer YouTube



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Selected Articles

  • "ah, Flem, some Norse-type hero"
    - BlueSeptember17, truetrophies.com
  • "Oh nose you didn’t!"
    - , thevitalounge.net
  • "It has a certain Super Meat Boy, another great indie title, quality and that is definitely a good thing."
    - The Badger, gamershonesttruth.com
  • "You sneeze, you lose"
    - Chris Priestman, pocketgamer.co.uk
  • "It’s like Flem got launched from the warm safety of the nostrils into a nightmare world of demon spikes and bizarre animals."
    - thre3zekiel, crotchetyoldgamer.com
  • "Getting the right time is snot a joke"
    - Olivia Cottrell, thebitpulse.com
  • "With FLEM, Henchman & Goon seeks to entertain players by challenging them and aims to deliver it all with a colorful nostalgic retro vibe."
    - Joshua Maddox, invisioncommunity.co.uk
  • "Das klingt total schräg und hat genau deswegen mein Interesse geweckt!"
    - Soro, ladebalken.net
  • "Flem is supposedly infused with a nostalgic spirit. I’m sure they meant a NOSE-stalgic spirit. "
    - Chris Priestman, Indie Statik

About Henchman & Goon

Henchman & Goon is an independent game studio in Bergen, Norway that seeks to create enjoyable games that give positive experiences with a lasting impression.

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Flem Credits

Henrik Mowatt Haugland
Game Designer

Morten Formo

Yngvill Hopen

Håkon Stange Bergsli
Level Designer

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